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Basic Computer Training


Basic computer training

This is an introductory course in basic computer uses. It covers computer Hardware and Software fundamentals (including the use of Windows), key productivity applications (including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations systems), with Microsoft Office 2010. Students will develop basic computer skills to aid them with college/school studies and workforce readiness.

We provide Basic Computer Training according to current Market Demand. Our Basic Computer Trainer conduct the class and explore new ideas and experience with current marketing. Vcare Institute one of reputated in institute for Computer Training.


Basic Topics

  1. Introduction of Computers
  2. features/characterstics of computer
  3. Block diagram of computer
  4. Types of computer and it's features
  5. Types of programming language
  6. Data Oragnization
  7. Types of Memory(primary and secondry)
  8. I/O Devices
  9. About operating system
  10. Algorithim and flowchart
  11. Number system
Regular class's

3 months

Weekend class's

                                           30 days

Course Fees

Regular class's fees

4500 Rs

Weekend class's fees

4000 Rs